Sherline 3.5 in x 17 in Lathe 4400 w/Servo Motor Kit 550W Upgrade


Sherline 3.5 in x 17 in Lathe 4400 w/Servo Motor Kit 550W Upgrade

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Sherline 3.5 in x 17 in Lathe 4400 w/Servo Motor Kit 550W Upgrade

Includes lathe shown in 2nd picture. Includes an upgraded, supercharged motor for Sherline lathes featuring a simple 4 bolt assembly!


  • 550 Watt servo motor with 4.4 NM torque
  • 2024 Base control unit
  • Custom welded motor mount with adjustable support leg
  • 2 speed stepped pulley
  • 2.75″ (70mm) x 6.0″ (152mm) crosslide
  • 24″ (610mm) bed that has 17″ (431mm) between centers
  • 2.5″ (63mm) resettable “zero” handwheel on the leadscrew
  • Two 2″ (51mm) resettable “zero” handwheels on the crosslide
  • Feed screw and a rocker tool post (P/N 3057) substituted for the standard tool post used on the shortbed lathes
  • Standard 1-5/8″ (41mm) laser engraved aluminum handwheels
  • Pulleys, belt, faceplate, lathe dog and two dead centers
  • Three hexagonal keys
  • Tool post
  • Sharpened high-speed steel cutting tool
  • Eight foot three-wire power cord
  • Instruction booklet

The electronic speed control allows continuously variable speed control from 70 to 2800 RPM without belt changes. There is a second pulley position available that offers extra torque at low RPM if needed.

Many machinists find that the extra space between centers comes in handy when working with a part held in a chuck and a larger tailstock chuck with a long drill bit in place. The combination of chucks, part and drill can eat up a lot of the available center-to-center distance, and a little extra capacity is often appreciated.

This lathe offers the same diameter turning capacities as the shorter lathe and same powerful motor/speed control. The differences are both the extra 9” of center distance and the addition of extras like the adjustable zero handwheels and rocker toolpost, making this lathe a good value for the extra cost.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 13 in

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