Sherline 3052 Fly Cutter


Sherline 3052 – Fly Cutter


Sherline 3052 Fly Cutter

Fly cutters are used primarily on a milling machine for
machining large, flat surface areas. The fly cutter is a
single-point cutting tool similar to a lathe tool mounted in a
special holder. The cutter can be adjusted to cut up to a 2.00″ (51
mm) diameter and is easily capable of taking a .010″ (.25 mm) deep
cut in aluminum at this diameter.

The Sherline fly cutter comes complete with the holder,
drawbolt, thrust washer and a left-hand carbide cutting tool. It is
a worthwhile addition to any shop.Sherline also offers an inserted
tip fly cutter for those who prefer to work with inserted tip
carbide tools. See P/N 7620.

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Weight 2 lbs