Sherline 4-Jaw Chuck Hold-down Set 3058


Sherline 3058 – 4-Jaw Chuck Hold-down Set

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Sherline 3058 – 4-Jaw Chuck Hold-down Set

This set consists of two clamps complete with screws and T-nuts and can be used to clamp the 4-jaw chuck to the milling table or lathe crosslide. The set provides a little more versatility than the chuck-to-T-slot adapter (P/N 1187) in that the chuck can be located almost anywhere on the table, and the part can be properly aligned with the axis of the machine.

The clamps fit in a groove machined around the circumference of the 4-jaw chuck. They are the same as those furnished with the Sherline milling vise (P/N 3551) and rotary table (P/N 3700), so they are not needed if you already own either of these accessories.

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