Sherline Hold-down Set 3012


Sherline 3012 – Hold-down Set

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Sherline Hold-down Set 3012

Sherline Hold-down Set 3012

Sherline now offers two types of strap clamp hold-down sets. Strap clamps provide the most versatile method of clamping work to the mill table.

This basic hold-down set consists of two strap clamps complete with bolts, T-nuts, washers, and a variety of lengths of socket head cap screws. These clamps are adjustable so that they can accommodate materials of different thickness, and they can be used to hold parts of almost any shape. Height is adjusted by turning the carriage bolt.

The round head of the carriage bolt is placed on a washer on the mill table to keep from damaging the table surface. The various length socket head screws are used in T-nuts in the table slots to pull the clamp down on the part. Maximum height adjustment is about 1-3/16″ with the screws provided. (See also Sherline’s P/N 3013 Step Block Hold-down set.)


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