Sherline 3702 Right Angle Adjustable Tailstock


Sherline 3702 Right Angle Adjustable Tailstock

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Sherline 3702 Right Angle Adjustable Tailstock

The adjustable right angle tailstock supports the end of long stock held in the rotary table when it is in the vertical position. This allows you to accurately rotate a part between centers for milling or drilling operations.

Because of “tolerance buildup” in the various parts used to place the rotary table in the 90° position, it is not possible to build a tailstock that would come out exactly on center each time. By using a split base design with slightly oversize holes, the height of the tailstock center is adjustable slightly. Once set to exactly match your rotary table/right angle attachment combination, it should not need to be readjusted.

It will work with both the P/N 3701 Right Angle Attachment and the P/N 3750 Tilting Angle Table in the 90° position.

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