Sherline 4335 – 10,000 RPM Pulley Set


Sherline 4335 – 10,000 RPM Pulley Set

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Sherline 4335 – 10,000 RPM Pulley Set

If your cutting needs demand a maximum speed higher than
Sherline’s standard 2800 RPM, this pulley conversion may be just
what you need. In just a few minutes you can remove the stock
pulleys and replace them with a ratio that will allow the standard
motor and drive belt to turn the spindle at up to 10,000 RPM. No
modifications and not special tools are required. A second pulley
position is also included that allows you to drop the maximum speed
back to 2200 RPM for more power when doing standard machining

The high speed pulley set will be welcomed by those doing
engraving with small diameter tools or those turning very small
watch shafts. If fits any Sherline headstock utilizing the DC motor
supplied since 1993. (Not designed for use on older AC/DC motors
identified by the smaller speed control housing.)

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