Sherline Chip Guard 4360


Sherline Chip Guard 4360

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Sherline Chip Guard 4360

Sherline Chip Guard 4360

The chip guard mounts to the headstock and swings down over the faceplate or chuck. It is made of a tough, clear polycarbonate material, so you can see what you are doing and still be protected from flying chips. It swings easily out of the way for setups.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended as a replacement for safety glasses, but rather as an additional safety feature. It also helps keep your work area cleaner by containing chips in a smaller space. If you work on your kitchen table, this accessory will be greatly appreciated by your family.

About the Chip Guard

The chip guard was developed both as a safety feature and to help keep your work area cleaner by containing flying chips to a smaller area. (This will be a particularly welcome feature for those who operate their Sherline lathe on the kitchen table or anywhere inside the house.) It mounts easily and swings up out of the way for easy access to the headstock when setting up a job.

It is molded from clear polycarbonate material. This makes it as easy as possible to see what you are doing yet still be protected while working. This material is used because it is strong and resistant to impact. However, solvents are very hard on it, so only use mild soapy water to clean it. Material selection is always a compromise, and we believe this to be the safest choice.


From the motor bracket, remove the 3/8″ socket head cap screw closest to the spindle end of the headstock. Place the chip guard hinge between the flanges of the bracket. Run the longer 5/8″ socket head cap screw provided through the hole in the chip guard hinge. Next, run it back into the original hole in the headstock. The clear chip guard will now rotate on the pivot screw. It can move up and out of the way when setting up a job or back into place before turning on the motor.

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