Sherline High-Torque Stepper Motor 67126 


Sherline High-Torque Stepper Motor 67126

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Sherline High-Torque Stepper Motor 67126

High-Torque Stepper Motor

Sherlines high-torque stepper motor has the same NEMA #23 frame as their standard stepper motor, but it has over 75% more torque. The increased torque means that you can increase your feed rates. It is also better suited to handle the additional weight of the motor and headstock on their Z-axis.

Plug-and-Play Upgrade

The high-torque stepper motor is also for use on any Sherline CNC machine. The motor is 2 amps, just like Sherline’s standard motors, so you can easily upgrade your current Sherline system with the new high-torque motors. (For example, Sherline Complete CNC systems or P/N 8760 CNC 4-axis driver box kit.)

NOTE: Referenced upgrades apply only to Sherline products.

Shafts and Flats

Sherline stepper motors have shafts at both ends. This is for manual control of the handwheel if desired. Flats are ground onto each end of the shaft to accommodate set screws for handwheel and coupling. If you use a stepper motor with a Sherline motor mount, the shaft going into the coupling should have a flat machined or ground on it where the set screw bites into it. If this is not done, the point of the set screw can upset the shaft surface sufficiently to make it impossible to remove the coupling. For non-Sherline applications, the flat may not be necessary.

Prewired powerful dual-shaft motors for quick hookup

Stepper motors have six wire leads pre-wired in a connector that plugs directly into the Sherline linear or rotary controller.

Both the complete CNC system and the P/N 8760 driver box come with 4 cables pre-wired with a 5-pin plug. These match the plugs on the P/N 67127 stepper motors sold by Sherline. To hook up the system all you do is plug each stepper motor into the cable for the proper axis.

Specifications for the High-Torque Stepper Motor

Frame size: NEMA #23
Shaft: 1/4″ diameter, dual shafts
Holding Torque: 1.35 N.m (Newton-meters), 13.756 kg-cm (kilogram centimeter), 191.17 oz/in (ounce inch),  11.948 in/lb (inch-pound)
Maximum RPM: 530 RPM
Axial-Force: Fa=15 N Max., or 3.37 lbf Max.
Radial-Force: Fr=75 N Max., or 16.86 lbf Max.
Rotor inertia: 480 g-cm2
Voltage: 4.5 V DC
Current: 2 A
Step Angle: 1.8° (200 steps/rev)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in