Sherline Fixture MB Versagrip Vise Jaws & Inserts


Sherline Fixture MB Versagrip Vise Jaws & Inserts


Sherline MB Vise Versagrip Fixture

Sherline MB Vise Versagrip Fixture

This listing is for the MB Versagrip Vise Jaws & Inserts

Our Sherline MB vise fixture is designed to locate on the T-slots in our mill table and our tooling plates. Your mill table or tooling plate becomes the base for the vise fixture.

This allows the usage of the entire table length of your mill. You can now hold the machine parts that are much larger and have various different shapes and sizes.

Holding Stock in the Vise Fixture

Our vise fixture allows you to hold virtually any stock or part shape by offering two different sets of top jaws.

Holding square and rectangular stock
You can use the standard top jaws with either the Talon Grip Vise Jaw Inserts (P/N 35526) made by Mitee-Bite or the Reversible Jaw Inserts (smooth/serrated, P/N 35524) made by Saunders.
Holding round material and differently shaped stock
The MB Versagrip Top Jaws (P/N 35535), used with the same fixed and movable base plates. These top jaws use the MB Versagrip Vise Jaw Inserts (P/N 35529).

You can place these jaw inserts into any insert pockets in the MB Versagrip top jaws (P/N 35535). These jaw inserts are 3/4″ round and can be rotated to match the part shape you wish to hold.

Standard MB Vise Fixture Features

  • Fixed base plate
  • Movable base plate
  • Adjustable stop
  • 3 Hex keys (7/32″, 5/32″, and 3/32″)
  • Mounting screws and T-nuts
  • P/N 35535 & 35529–MB Versagrip Vise Jaws & Inserts


  • You can order the jaw insert options separately, but you must have the Standard Fixture Base Plates to hold the jaws.

Additional information

Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 in

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