Sherline Tool Post Riser Quick-Change 2251


Sherline Quick-Change Tool Post Riser 2251

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Sherline Quick-Change Tool Post Riser 2251

Your Sherline quick-change tool post system can be used with the riser blocks in place when turning larger diameter parts. It is particularly useful when turning larger diameter parts with the optional riser block in place.

This 1.25″ riser base brings the cutting tool up to the proper height when the headstock riser block is on the lathe. Made from solid steel with a black oxide finish to complement the high quality of the quick-change tool holder components.

NOTE: Upper position on the lathe is for tools held in the extended post used with the blocks.

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Riser Tool Post Body Material Steel
Body Coating Black Oxide

Sherline also offers a printed book called the Sherline Shop Accessories Guide (P/N 5327) that is a collection of Sherline instructions and help sheets. If you prefer to buy them all at once you can order the book. If you just want to read about a particular accessory or would prefer to print out all the instructions yourself, please contact us for more details. There is lots of excellent free machining instruction available as a result.

This can be applied not only to Sherline machines, but most of the knowledge is equally applicable to machines of any size or brand.

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