Sherline 3004 Knurling Tool Holder w/Knurls


Sherline 3004 Knurling Tool Holder w/Knurls

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Sherline 3004 Knurling Tool Holder w/Knurls

Straight knurls are often used on the end of a shaft that is to be pressed into another part. Straight or diamond knurl patterns are used to provide better grip on handwheels and thumbscrews. Sherline’s knurling tool can add that “professional” look to your parts. Knurls are pressed or embossed into the surface of a part rather than cut. Material is moved from one position to another under pressure.

Doing so can involve quite a bit of force, which is hard to achieve from a single direction on a small machine. For this reason, Sherline developed a tool holder that squeezes two knurling wheels against the part from opposite sides, relieving stress on the machine itself.

The holder consists of a right and left side that evenly tighten down on your part, creating a knurled pattern. The holder is supplied with one set of spiral knurls that creates a diamond pattern. Other size knurls for diamond or straight patterns are also available as options. The tool will handle diameters up to 1″ (25mm).

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