Sherline 87105 CNC Rotary Indexer


Sherline 87105 CNC Rotary Indexer

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Sherline 87105 CNC Rotary Indexer

The 87105 CNC Rotary Indexer allows you to convert your 8730 CNC Rotary Table to the 8700 Rotary Table with Indexer. This indexer is specific to the rotary table, and should not be confused with the linear controllers for the X-, Y-, or Z-axes e.g. P/N 8800/8810 or P/N 8850/8855.

All entries are made from this simple keypad. No separate computer is needed. The Rotary Indexer includes the microprocessor unit with numeric input keypad, 115 VAC power source, and all necessary connecting cables.

Operation is very simple

After entering the number of steps per revolution (or the number of degrees per step) on a simple numeric keypad, the table advances quickly and precisely to the next position at the touch of a single advance key. If an error is made, previous positions can be accurately recalled by hitting another button. Basic resolution is 28,800 steps per revolution, ±0.006° per step. This allows the accurate machining of items like gears with odd numbers of teeth. Computations are made internally to a high degree of accuracy to avoid cumulative errors.

The CNC rotary indexer is a stand-alone unit. You get everything you need to make complex indexing jobs easy. In addition, the unit can be connected to an existing CNC control to act in conjunction with that system. An input signal triggers the programmed function. When it is complete, it signals back to continue the program. The unit can also be “daisy chained” with other units to trigger sequential actions. As with all Sherline accessories, complete instructions are included.

The rotary table can also be “daisy chained” with Sherline’s linear controller (P/N 8800) to achieve combinations of rotary and linear movement in sequence. This makes it easy to set up for relatively sophisticated operations like cutting gears without having to know anything about CNC programming beyond what is entered from these simple keypads.


  • Rotations Speed: 1°/ sec to 50°/sec maximum (programmable in 1° increments))
  • Resolution: 28,800 steps per revolution (±.006° per step)
  • Backlash Compensation: Programmable
  • Power Supply Transformer: Input: 120 VAC 60 Hz 38 W; Output: 24V, 1000 mA

NOTE: The power supply included with this indexer is intended to operate only on 115/120 VAC, 60 Hz (38 W) current. For countries operating on 100, 220 or 240VAC and/or 50Hz a transformer will be required. As an alternative, this power supply outputs 24VDC, 1 Amp (1000 mA). If you can purchase an appropriate power supply that operates on local current and outputs 24VDC, 1A current, it could be used to power the unit instead of the one supplied. Sherline Products does not provide a 220V power supply or transformer.

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