Sherline CNC Mill Upgrade Kit with High-Torque Stepper Motors (no computer) 8771


Sherline CNC Mill Upgrade Kit with High-Torque Stepper Motors (no computer) 8771


Sherline CNC Mill Upgrade Kit with High-Torque Stepper Motors (no computer) 8771

CNC Mill Upgrade Kit with High-Torque Stepper Motors

*MILL NOT INCLUDED – you must purchase separately

If you wish to purchase a Sherline CNC mill, but you want to use your own computer and software instead of Sherline’s computer with pre-loaded LinuxCNC software, this package makes it easier.

Here’s what you do:

1. Order the CNC-ready mill of your choice.
2. Order this kit (4-axis driver box and connecting cables plus power supply and 3 High-Torque Stepper Motors).
3. Supply your own computer and monitor.

The 8771 kit includes Sherline’s P/N 8760 4-axis driver box and power supply plus three P/N 67126 stepper motors. Plug the 25-pin parallel cable (included) from the driver box to the printer port of your computer. Attach the stepper motors to the stepper motor mounts on the X, Y and Z axis of your Sherline CNC-ready mill and plug the X, Y and Z cables from the driver box to the stepper motors. Once you select and install your own control software, you are ready to go.

Complete instructions available on our website.

ATTENTION: This new high-torque stepper motor requires a special CNC coupling (sold separately)

NOTE: If you want a complete plug-and-play system with a lathe, computer, and driver ready to run, please contact us.

Included Components with the CNC Mill Upgrade Kit

  • Driver box with 4 motor cables
  • 3.7 amp, 24 volt power supply with cord
  • 25-pin parallel cable
  • 2 CD set with Linux/EMC2, utilities and instructions
  • Three spare fuses
  • 3 High-Torque Stepper Motors

*NOTE: Even though the Sherline driver box only uses four of those axes at one time, a 2-wire serial USB port cannot transmit data to multiple axes fast enough for glitch-free CNC operation. Therefore a 25-wire parallel port is required because LinuxCNC is designed to be capable of running up to six axes simultaneously.

Minimum Computer Requirements

In order to install and run a Linux based system from the disc provided it is recommended the computer have at least the following minimum specifications:

    • Processor speed: 800 MHz or faster (Pentium III class or equivalent processor)
  • RAM: 512 Mb (Sherline provides 1 Gb)
  • Hard Drive: 20 Gb or larger
  • 25-pin parallel port (printer port)
  • (Laptop computers are not recommended.)

For the most current information on hardware requirements for LinuxCNC/EMC2 please contact us.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in