Sherline Metric Compound Slide 1280


Sherline Metric Compound Slide 1280

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Sherline Metric Compound Slide 1280

Sherline Metric Compound Slide

The compound slide offers a way to turn tapers and cut angles on a lathe without rotating the headstock. Four mounting holes are provided in the base for solid positioning on the crosslide. The fixed base has a red anodized finish with laser engraved angle scales to make setting an angle easy. It utilizes a highly efficient locking ring design to lock the rotating portion in position without having to over-tighten the locking screws. You can mount a 1/4″ cutting tool across the front or on either side of the head.

NOTE: Sherline’s  3/8″ shank, insert tool holders will not work with the compound slide.

Unlike compounds that are useful on full-size, conventional lathes, this one perfect for use from the “back” side of the table. This allows a more compact size and use without interference from the crosslide handwheel. The lathe tool is inserted in the holder “upside down” so the cutting tip faces downward. Because of the small size of the miniature lathe, operating the crosslide handwheel in this position causes no inconvenience.

Riser Block for the Sherline Metric Compound Slide

A Compound Riser Block is available for use with this item

Travel of the slide block is up to 1.75″ when square to the base or angled slightly. When angled 45° the handwheel will hit the corner of the base, shortening travel to about 1.25″. At angles between about 20° and 45° travel is restricted between the two dimensions depending on the angle.

The Sherline compound slide is available in both inch and metric versions. On the inch version, the calibration of the handwheel is in .001″ increments driving a 20 TPI leadscrew. On the metric version, the calibration of the handwheel is in .01 mm increments driving a 1 mm pitch leadscrew. The inch handwheels have 50 marks (one revolution = 0.050″). The metric handwheels have 100 marks (one revolution = 1.0 mm).

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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