Sherline End Mill Holder 2 Inch Style Fixture 3082


Sherline 2 Inch End Mill Holder Style Fixture 3082


Sherline End Mill Holder 2 Inch Style Fixture 3082

End Mill Holder Style Fixture, 2 Inch

This blank fixture is to screw directly onto the ¾-16 thread of the Sherline spindle and then turned or milled to hold a part of your choice. It is made from a 1″ diameter 12L14 steel billet cut 2″ long. The pre-cut thread assures accurate re-seating on the spindle thread each time the fixture is used. Includes Tommy bar. 

About Sherline’s Mill Holder Style Fixture

No single tool manufacturer, including makers of the full size machine tool lines, offers a wider range of accessories for their tools. For almost three decades, Sherline has been fine-tuning and upgrading the machines. They have also been developing new accessories to make more jobs possible or easier on Sherline tools. One of the best reasons to invest in Sherline tools is the large accessory line available to help you complete virtually any machining task in miniature.

Sherline carries a wide variety of accessories for Sherline lathes and mills.

Lathe Accessories

Sherline Products offers a wide range of accessories for its lathes, from Vertical Milling Column attachments, which can quickly and easily convert a Sherline lathe into a small milling machine to CNC conversions, tailstock tools, tool posts, cutting tools, dust covers, and much more.

Mill Accessories

Sherline Milling Machines have a huge variety of accessories. They range from CNC conversions, tooling and angle plates, end mill holders, hold down sets, cutting tools, dust covers, and much more.

Chucks and Collets

Sherline chucks come in various sizes and configurations like 3 and 4-jaw self-Centering, 4-jaw independent, and drill chucks.

Tools Posts

Sherline lathe tool posts are versatile. Their lathe tool post holders allow you to easily swap out tooling from one operation to the other.

Cutting Tools

Lathe tools are the cutting tools that are useful for turning and facing work on the lathe. They are for machining most materials including wood, plastic, aluminum, brass and free-machining steel.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

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