Sherline Laser Engraving Plate 3560LAZ


Sherline Laser Engraving Plate 3560LAZ


Sherline Laser Engraving Plate 3560LAZ

Laser Engraving Plate 8″ x 18″ x 3/4″

The Laser Tooling Plate can be mounted to your own fixture, or it can be purchased along with a Sherline XY base with 18″ table (P/N 6540LAZ./6541LAZ).

Some of the features of the tooling plate are:

  • (115 Green) Dual purpose ¼” holes, on 1″ centers. The holes have a ¼-20 thread on the bottom and reamed to ¼” on the top. This allows each hole for use as a “part locating” hole when you insert a ¼” dowel pin. Each hole is also for use as a clamping hole using the ¼-20 thread.
  • In addition to the ¼-20 holes, the plate also has (16 red) 10-32 holes which are positioned to mount our Sherline rotary table (P/N 8730) and tilting angle plate (P/N 3750).
  • 5 Black, ¼” through holes for locating the tooling plate square to the table.
  • There is one (purple) 5/16″ oiler access hole so you can fill the mill saddle oiler without removing the tooling plate.
  • There are (10 blue) T-nut mounting holes to assemble the plate to our mill table.

X Y Travel

This tooling plate mounts on our 18″ Industrial X/Y Slide (P/N 6540). The slide has 5″ of Y-axis travel and 13.6″ of X-axis travel. Handwheels have calibrations in .001″ increments for P/N 6540.

We at Sherline Products believe that our 8″ x 18″ laser engraving tooling plate will be a great addition to any engraving laser. Custom tooling plate hole patterns are available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 12 in

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